Andy Hooper

Technical Director Transport
New Zealand

Andy has used his expertise on some of New Zealand’s largest networks, including as Network Performance Manager on the Auckland Motorway Alliance where he investigated and developed improved network intelligence.

In the role of Technical Director he delivers high value advice and solutions to clients through translating the findings of relevant research or adapting techniques from across disciplines into practically useful outcomes.

Andy says that the transportation sector is undergoing rapid change, driven by technological advances and the proliferation of Big Data.

“With multi-billion dollar markets at stake we are in a Wild West phase where the fundamentals of transportation planning and operations are not always considered and the complexity of human behaviour and decision making is often overlooked.”

He says the operation and performance of transport systems is, and will always remain, a demand and supply problem, underpinned by subtleties in the demand-supply relationships between the three major inputs to the system: network infrastructure; vehicle fleets; and, the travel needs of people and goods.

“The sector is facing disruption as new ways of delivering and operating transport services bring fundamental changes to these relationships. As well has improvements, these potentially could lead to unintended outcomes.”