Wayne Hatcher

Technical Director Asset Management
New Zealand

Wayne Hatcher is passionate about sustaining, managing and maintaining our built environment in harmony with society needs and the environment.

Career defining moments include developing a compelling case for increasing investment in motorway maintenance and renewal in the UK in a time of financial austerity, and winning the Hertfordshire County Council Whole Client Service Professional services contract in the UK; a 12-year contract employing over 150 people full time.

Regardless of the challenge Wayne says he is driven to exceed expectations and is stimulated by opportunities where he can make constructive contributions.

Wayne is a Certified Asset Management Assessor (ISO55001) and a Chartered Professional Engineer and has published a number of papers on asset management and whole of life costs. He also has CMEngNZ, MTech (Pavements) and BE Civil (Hons).

He sees technology as the biggest industry disruptor, particularly advancements in data capture that enables better decision making. There will be an increasing need for collaboration around road and water projects in order to overcome the skills shortage, and to gain greater efficiency and productivity across the industry.