Showcasing New Methods of Measurement

Adrian Heggie, a Technical Executive for Contaminated Land Management in our Environment team recently presented at the 2019 Annual International conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air in San Diego, the signature event of the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation (AEHS).

Adrian says, “Being able to share my knowledge and insights on the international stage was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and to also catch up with other WSP experts from our San Jose office.”


The presentation titled, ‘A New Vapour Flux Chamber Method to Quantify Surface Mass Flux for Vapour Intrusion Risks’, is the result of Adrian’s research and analysis stemming from over 10 years in the field with WSP. He says, “The conference gave me the ideal platform to showcase a new method that provides a technically simpler and lower cost means of measuring surface vapour flux.


“The new passive flux chamber provides a means of measuring and quantifying the rate of intrusion of volatile contaminant vapours into buildings. New data validating the theory was presented together with results of comparison trials of the new passive flux chamber against the older, more traditional method.”


With Adrian’s research representing a new frontier for measurement in airborne contaminants, Adrian’s research garnered strong interest from attendees. He adds, “I look forward to driving further interest in my research. If we can make the process of identifying and removing contamination from our environment simpler and more cost-effective, we will be able to keep our natural habitats thriving long into the future.”


 Coming up with new ways of thinking is not a new feat for Adrian and he is currently working on a new method for measuring contaminant vapours in soil.


“As consultants, scientists and planners, we must take ownership of finding innovative and improved ways to sustain our communities.” 


To find out more about Adrian’s Vapour Flux Chamber Method, please contact him here.


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