A healthcare facility is more than just a building – it is a place that touches patients and their families at critical moments in their lives. At WSP, we put people at the centre of our designs to create warm and supporting environments for patients, visitors and staff.

Delivering Future-Ready Designs

Given that many operational hospitals were designed and built prior to the inception of the digital technologies that we’ve come to rely on, we understand that the next generation of healthcare facilities will have very different requirements than those of today.


By focusing on future-ready designs that prioritise flexibility, redundancy and patient outcomes, we can help our clients deliver healthcare facilities that will be adaptable to the risks presented in an ever-changing world.


Working with public and private sector clients, WSP delivers integrated services for major acute hospitals (from greenfield campus to refurbishment of existing inner-city hospitals), specialist facilities including cancer centres, children's hospitals, mental health units and healthcare-related research facilities including future-focused laboratories.


WSP’s experience is demonstrated through our extensive history of developing state-of-the-art healthcare across Australia, including:

  • General hospitals
  • Cancer care and research
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Mental health facilities


Globally, WSP is working with healthcare institutions on both new and existing structures to provide world-class designs. Click here to find out more about our global capability.

Creating People-Centric Facilities

From civil engineering and in-ground services to building structure and façade design – and from mechanical and electrical design to support for critical and complex clinical services – we provide people-centric, fully-integrated services for optimum patient and practitioner outcomes.


We work closely with healthcare teams to understand the patient journey and align our design approach to it. From inspiring structures that lift the spirits to visual clues that aid wayfinding, we never forget the details that can make a vital difference to patients and visitors. The result is buildings that truly promote recovery for its patients, and creates a safe and supportive environment for families.


We also recognise the important role that an environment plays in the healing process of patients, however by creating a desirable work environment it can improve the health and wellbeing of staff, to enhance staff performance and maximise quality of care for patients.


Resilient Healthcare Facilities

As we look to the next generation of healthcare buildings, our own experts, clients and key industry players have been exploring some of the key factors in delivering resilient healthcare facilities.


Visit the People and Place podcast by WSP Australia to learn more about how we can deliver the next generation of healthcare buildings, which are adaptable to the risks presented in an ever-changing world.