As demand for reliable, clean and affordable electricity continues to soar, solar power is attracting increased interest and disrupting conventional thinking with respect to energy planning.

WSP’s expertise in solar energy engineering and technical advisory services is helping clients execute high-performance solar energy projects.


A Solar Driven Future

As Australia’s energy market continues its transition towards a clean future, small and large-scale solar Photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal projects are likely to play an increasingly important role. With much of the transition reliant on technology innovations including advances in PV modules, inverters and tracking systems, we remain up-to-date with the latest trends and challenges in the sector.

We offer our clients a strategic point of difference through our embedded future ready approach. To do this, we call on our local experts to provide insights on world-leading projects and technologies. We take the necessary steps to gather an in-depth understanding of the current challenges facing our clients, and how these challenges may evolve over time. Our holistic services across the entire Power and Energy sector help us to contribute meaningfully to reducing the carbon intensity of Australia’s electricity mix, while preparing for the impacts of climate change and societal trends through effective planning.


Large Scale Solar

As a proven generation option that can integrate safely into Australia’s grid system, the versatility and scalability of solar energy is helping it set its competitive advantage in the energy market place.


Large-scale solar installations help generate power for our major energy networks and form part of the transition towards a clean energy future. We have been at the forefront of these operations since their entry into the Australian energy network in the nineties and have collaborated with our clients to harness the full effect of this technology. As solar moves down the cost-curve and the generating capacity continues to grow, we can help our clients install future ready systems capable of powering communities and economies long into the years ahead. 


Integrated and Cost-Effective Solutions

Beginning with conducting expert assessments of solar resources, through to the design, procurement, cost-benefit analysis, implementation, commissioning, operation and monitoring of solar energy solutions, we work with financiers and developers to bring their projects to fruition.


We help clients to navigate through evolving regulatory requirements and minimise the risks associated with solar power projects, as well as assisting with the integration design, commissioning and energisation of solar systems into existing power grids. We understand the importance of smooth connection and have experience in navigating frequency and voltage issues.


With overseas competition entering the market, we can also help new EPC contractors comply with Australian design standards to ensure safety.


Concentrated Solar Thermal

Different to traditional solar photovoltaic generation, solar thermal systems use mirrors to concentrate a large area of sunlight into a targeted position to create high temperatures.
As a new entrant in the renewables market, one of the main benefits of solar thermal power is that captured heat can be stored for long periods of time, meaning that it can generate electricity after the sun has stopped shining.


As the cost of the technology starts to fall making it more competitive with other renewable sources, we have the technical experts fit the project. Whether it is understanding the feasibility of new developments or as owner’s engineers, we can provide our multi-disciplinary services to ensure beneficial outcomes are achieved.


Experience in Delivering Solar Projects

We have vast experience working on utility-scale solar PV projects across Australia and in many geographies around the world. We have been engaged in various roles, providing valuable advice and support to our clients. This experience means that we understand the complexities associated with developing these projects and bringing them to a construction-ready state. We have also experienced the challenges associated with constructing solar facilities, and how best to engage with the various project stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes.


Our solar engineering team draws on the support of our local and global multi-disciplinary technical specialists, such as our grid connection engineers, to ensure that we can provide holistic and informed advice and support across the project lifecycle.


Technical Capabilities

Our specialist services for solar power projects include:

  • Constraints mapping, site assessment, site selection
  • Pre-and full feasibility studies, including plant layout and concept design
  • Resource assessments including energy yield analysis, resource modelling and climate reports
  • Detailed assessment (including economic analysis)
  • Environmental impact assessment and planning
  • Electrical connection options, including initial and detailed connection enquiries, studies, and application assistance
  • Equipment selection/tender preparation and evaluation
  • Equipment factory inspections and factory acceptance test witnessing
  • Balance of plant (civil and structural) and solar photovoltaic plant electrical design
  • Technical due diligence assessments
  • Lender’s technical advisory services and Independent Certifier services
  • Owner’s Engineering services