Our environmental teams are solving some of Australia’s biggest challenges: informing developments to preserve and improve our environment; finding ways to use and re-use our resources; and building safe and future-ready infrastructure to support places where communities can thrive.

While every human activity and development exerts an impact on the natural world, we learn more every day about how to minimise project footprints, apply better practices, and more balanced approaches. Our priority is to understand our clients’ business needs and provide practical solutions to real problems, whatever and wherever they may be. Our reputation is built on helping clients worldwide mitigate risk, manage and reduce impacts, and maximise opportunities related to health and safety, sustainability, climate change, energy, and the environment.


Customised Solutions for Specific Project Needs

At WSP, our multidisciplinary environmental experts are passionate about delivering practical strategies to study, protect, enhance, and restore the natural environment, while advancing responsible development and facilitating project approvals.


Our ability to share resources and expertise globally puts the right people together in customised teams to address specific project needs, at every stage of a life cycle, from initial environmental impact assessment and socio-economic studies through feasibility, construction, operation, project decommissioning, and final reclamation. Our experts seamlessly extend the capacity and capabilities of client resources, becoming valuable and trusted advisors and partners.


Cross-Sector Collaboration

We work across multiple sectors, from the infrastructure projects of the future to managing past legacies, cleaning up the most complex brownfield sites to developing and delivering sustainability strategies for the world’s leading companies. Our clients are active in the transport and infrastructure, property and building, mining, power and energy, government, and industrial sectors. Our work covers the full range of services and is built on state-of-the-art science, management consulting, and engineering.


An Agile Approach in a Changing World

Global climate change and political context are among the factors that impact the projects to which we contribute. Environmental rules and regulations vary across the country and continue to evolve. At the same time, digital technologies are revolutionising the tools we use and how we deliver our work.


WSP experts are up-to-date on the latest trends and challenges related to the environment. They are passionate about helping communities thrive and are helping to lead the transition to a prosperous, resilient, and sustainable society.