Commercial and Mixed Use

Delivering world-class mixed use developments is half art, half science. It’s an artful application of skill, experience and technology empowered by an understanding of the drivers shaping our cities including urbanisation, densification and social inclusion. 

Creating the Skylines of Tomorrow

For more than a century, WSP has been helping to shape the skyline of cities throughout the world. We're leaders in the design of tall buildings, pioneering the trend to build higher and slimmer – to optimise valuable real estate in our dense urban environments.


Our expertise makes it possible for architects to push the boundaries of their aesthetic visions and for our clients to realise their goals. We have a long history of innovation and a reputation for meeting engineering challenges with imaginative thinking coupled with common sense solutions. 


Buildings engineered by WSP stand the test of time and make a positive contribution to our cities’ economies, society and the environment. Our portfolio includes iconic global landmarks such as the Shanghai Tower, the World Trade Center, The Shard, Petronas Towers and Marina Bay Sands, while current projects range from high quality commercial and mixed-use mega-towers across Australia and New Zealand to some of the most desirable, super-slender high-rise residential developments in New York. 


Delivering a Higher Return on Investment

We add value to our projects by listening carefully to our clients to ensure we meet their commercial requirements and the needs of building occupants in addition to delivering buildings that are safe, sustainable and cost effective.


We have pioneered engineering techniques that have reduced build times, realised additional floors and maximised space in the most awkward of footprints. From the earliest design stages, we plan for the diverse uses of a building through its whole life cycle, focusing on efficiency and economy and the flexibility to adapt to future needs. We optimise the building structure to boost the lettable area; and we streamline building performance by including energy-efficient systems to reduce operational costs.  


Building Higher and Slimmer Than Ever Before

WSP engineers are enabling a new generation of landmark mega-towers and super-slender buildings. Through our innovative design approach and use of materials, we ensure that the form and function of our mega-towers are perfectly adapted to the different needs of the people who use them. Our designs for tall, slim towers help developers make the most of limited real estate in urban areas and capitalise on small and constricted sites to create highly desirable residences with magnificent views and high market values. 


Delivering End-to-End Technical Excellence

Our centres of excellence in the design of tall buildings offer world-class design skills which we integrate with local detailed design delivery and relationship management. Our talented and experienced engineers are equipped with the most sophisticated design tools and constantly explore new ways to design and build using innovative materials and advanced methods of construction.


Designing Smart Buildings

By looking at the form, geometry and type of usage of a building, we create smart solutions that complement its architecture and function. Our experts understand complex building structures and systems and the required synergy for the operational success of office and mixed-use buildings. This has enabled us to work with some of the world’s most prominent owners and developers: from 1 Shelly Street in Sydney and One World Trade Center in New York to Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and The Shard in London. Buildings engineered by WSP stand the test of time and make a positive contribution to our cities’ economic development, community and environment. 


When engineering buildings, our experts make sure they will be able to adapt to change by considering a range of interlinked technological, social and environmental factors that will impact the built. We are passionate about green building design and our teams help clients achieve the highest levels of sustainability through low-energy and low-carbon solutions that address climate adaptation challenges. Our specialists also help clients achieve building wellness outcomes and certifications including WELL, LEED, BREEAM, NABERS and Green Star.