With land shortages, the pressure of urbanisation and increases in population, the demand for residential property is rising. We are focused on creating residential spaces and thriving suburbs that improve the quality of life for communities and individuals while delivering a good return on investment and brand recognition to our clients.

Making Commercial Sense and Improving Quality of Life

WSP’s experience in the residential sector ranges from single family homes to the planning of entire suburbs and precincts. We help developers, home builders, government and municipal authorities, and property managers to deliver successful and profitable residential developments and their associated infrastructure.

Our experience in the residential sector encompasses private housing and apartments, social housing, student accommodation, and urban communities.


Support Throughout the Residential Development Process

We support our clients at every stage of the development process. We steer residential schemes smoothly through the complex planning process thanks to our knowledge of national and local planning laws and sustainability regulations as well as our specialist skills in public consultation and stakeholder engagement. We also help clients in overcoming land shortages, maximising the potential of developable land and minimising risk, while creating desirable homes.


From Retrofit to High-Rise

Our projects, ranging from affordable housing complexes to high-end luxury facilities, include major city regeneration schemes, iconic high-rise developments, new sustainable towns, and retrofits of existing homes.


Sustainable Residential Projects

As sustainable design pioneers, we are involved in a number of high-profile exemplar residential and mixed-use energy-efficient, low-carbon developments.

In Australia, we have worked on the 6 Star rated Parklands Project on the Gold Coast, the most significant urban renewal project of its kind to have even been undertaken in the region. The development contains seven hectares of residential and retail development that comprise 1,252 apartments and townhouses and a shopping precinct. An additional seven hectares of parklands and open space is also included.


Covering All Areas of Residential Planning and Design

We provide multi-disciplinary expertise in all areas of residential planning, design, and construction, including building engineering, city planning, economics, community engagement, site investigations, environmental consultancy, water management, sustainable transport solutions, and infrastructure planning.

As experienced consultants in transport and infrastructure planning, design and delivery, we know how to create viable and popular developments where the number of housing units is balanced by the benefits of good accessibility, public transport links, and attractive landscaping incorporating green space and water management features.

As champions of the integrated design process, we are adept at leading entire design teams to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, working in close cooperation with our clients from start to finish.