Thermal Power

Using heat to generate energy, thermal power is an emerging technology in the global renewables sector.

As a leader in the generation of thermal power, we provide our clients with tailor made solutions catered to their needs right across the complete project life-cycle.


Technical Solutions for Beneficial Outcomes

As a renewable energy source that relies solely on the earths natural resources to generate energy, thermal power is complex.


It consists of three different generation types – conduction, convection and radiation – and only generates power through the movement of particles within a body or system.


Concentrated Solar Thermal and Geothermal power are emerging technologies within this space and are likely to power Australian communities for generations to come.


Gas and Coal

Gas is going to play an important role in Australia delivering a low emissions future. Providing new generation to support our shift to renewables, gas can fuel grid inertia to help stabilise the grid during low generation periods. We provide end-to-end services and advice to our clients to help them remain competitive in today’s global power economy.


These services include asset maintenance and life extension work, as well conceptual design, project planning, detailed design and owner’s engineer work.


Given our current energy reliance on coal and the slow transition towards renewables, it is important to maintain the asset life during the interim. We can provide our clients with asset management services to help maintain CAPEX and OPEX to ensure we run the old fleet beyond their life.


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

CCS is another emerging technology helping to reform the power sector in our push for a clean energy future. Capable of capturing up to 90 per cent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from fossil fuel, it is also one of the only technologies where in conjunction with renewable biomass it can take CO2 out of the atmosphere making it carbon negative.


WSP has played a leading role as a technical advisor for this technology in recent years in Australia where we have assisted with the feasibility report for our clients.


Geothermal Power

Using the earth’s heat in the form of steam or water to generate power, geothermal power can help increase Australia’s renewable energy mix. As a reliable, renewable and sustainable source of energy, geothermal energy is an attractive alternative to meet growing energy demands. We can provide geothermal solutions for commercial, retail and industrial buildings, as well as airports, hospitals and other public facilities. WSP has extensive experience in evaluating and analyzing alternative energy systems and can provide cost-benefit and investment return calculations for this type of project.


From the engineering right through business case and site support we can help our clients utilise and optimise infrastructure to create sustainable future ready power networks.


Core Services

Engineering and owners Representation

  • Gas Turbine upgrade
  • Steam Turbine upgrade
  • Mechanical plant upgrade
  • Electrical upgrade
  • Instrumentation & Controls upgrade
  • Generator / Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Protection upgrade
  • Feedheating
  • Condensor upgrade
  • Thermodynamic studies