Wind Energy

In Australia, wind power generates one third of all the renewable electricity in the National Energy Market. We are the forefront of wind farm developments helping communities transition to a cleaner energy future.

As a leader in wind farm developments, WSP provides comprehensive solutions across the project life cycle – from siting studies through to feasibility, construction, operations, maintenance and re-powering.


Growing Expectations

With unprecedented growth in the renewable energy sector, wind offers competitive advantages over other renewable energy forms through its efficiency and affordability. In Australia, wind energy has been a growing source of power for many years and consequently generates more energy than other alternatives.


Together with growing political and social calls to shift Australia’s generation mix, demand for technical and engineering services is set to increase.


Over many years, we have built a reputation based on our detailed understanding of both greenfield and operational wind projects stemming from partnerships with public and private utilities, generators, contractors, developers, governments and financiers to develop unique solutions for complex problems.


Onshore Wind

Seen as the more traditional form of wind energy technology, onshore wind has and will continue to play a pivotal role in a clean energy future. We have helped our clients from around the world develop leading edge clean energy solutions. From site identification and pre-feasibility to performance testing and optimisation, we can help design future ready solutions for a clean energy future.


Offshore Wind

A new frontier in the renewable energy mix, offshore wind offers unprecedented potential in generation. Since its inception into the local market in 2015, we have been at the forefront of offshore eind project development in Australia. Our global experience and local knowledge help us understand the varying complexities and challenges with this form of technology. To support our clients, we can provide technical experts to cater to the entire project lifecycle including guidance on regulatory frameworks.


Key Services

  • Wind monitoring advice and commissioning
  • Data collection and verification
  • Green field wind farm energy assessments, including layout design and optimisation
  • Turbine technology and suitability assessments
  • Developer support work such as shadow flicker studies and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) assessments
  • Power curve testing
  • Operational wind farm energy assessments