Improving capacity, reliability and cost-effectiveness of public transportation systems involves the integration of stations, bus services, busways and information technologies.

Global Experience and Local Success

WSP has contributed to Integrated Transport Planning projects around the world and in Australia and New Zealand. We have developed some highly advanced systems that combine the latest technology with efficient, low-impact vehicle operations, state-of-the-art busways, stations and signalling designs. 



  • Feasibility study and strategic consulting
  • Planning studies and environmental assessments
  • Ridership/patronage modelling and forecasting
  • Concept engineering and final design
  • Bus Rapid Transit stations
  • Traffic engineering and modelling
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems design
  • Construction phase services
  • Safety and security assessments and planning
  • Vehicle and systems procurement and engineering
  • Station area planning and urban design of streetscapes
  • Bus Rapid Transit rolling stock specifications and procurement


WSP in Action

In Australia, we worked on the South-East Busway Extension in Brisbane, which will help meet the transportation needs of the growing community.