Our automation engineers offer architecture and programming resources for new plant installation or control system upgrades, ensuring that all facets are tied together with a logical narrative and clear operator interfaces to increase ease of operations.

Achieving Consistency, Precision and Quality 

Fuelled by rising labour costs, increasing energy costs and evolving technology, manufacturers are shifting towards automating industrial equipment and systems to boost productivity and deliver high-quality products at all times. Their focus is on consistency, precision and quality – standardising and increasing flexibility in production processes; reducing waste, costs and carbon emissions, while conserving energy and maintaining production lines that are both safe and efficient. 


At WSP, we understand that our industrial clients want to attain greater operational and process efficiencies. The challenges and requirements differ depending on the industry – from enhancing equipment reliability to minimising operational downtimes, regulating temperatures during fermentation, monitoring usage of energy and controlling precise dosage of drug ingredients, all the way through to increasing accuracy in the installation of engine pistons, developing controls to eliminate product defects, and retrofitting control systems to existing infrastructures.


Our specialists are here to provide you with the expertise and industry-specific knowhow needed to design tailored automation solutions and integrate disparate systems in areas such as process, industrial and building automation, mechatronics, traffic information systems and more, at any or all stages of your project.


We have completed simple to complex projects in areas such as logistics and distribution, manufacturing, aluminum smelting, mining, water and wastewater treatment to materials handling and food and beverages industries. Additionally, our teams have extensive project experience with automation and control systems and related components, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), Operator/Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), industrial IT, industrial instrumentation and process regulation, industrial combustion including the design and supply of burner management systems, control combustion system, artificial vision applied to process control, linear positioning systems (SERVO), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), data transmission and motor speed regulation.



  • System integration and migration of obsolete control platforms
  • Programming and configuration of operator interfaces – Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Design, development, programming and implementation of programmable controllers and control systems
  • Development of high-level language applications
  • Production management software implementation
  • Control loops tuning
  • Process and control strategies optimisation
  • Project management   
  • Design, engineering and planning
  • Design and feasibility studies
  • Preliminary tests, start-up and commissioning
  • Off-site and on-site training
  • On-site technical support and troubleshooting
  • Outsourcing of personnel
  • Machine safety
  • Delivery of turnkey projects