Water Efficiency

The scarcity and cost of water has made it a critical business issue. Reducing water loss and improving water system efficiency are now integral elements to managing the water cycle sustainably.

Innovative Tools to Increase Water Efficiency

WSP has developed innovative end-to-end water footprinting and measurement techniques to visually display water profiles, thus highlighting the water-intense areas of a business, particularly when drawing water. Our efficiency programs focus on areas where they can make the biggest material impact.


Efficiency programs for buildings may include rainwater harvesting, improved stormwater management, groundwater resource replenishment, and holistic water re-use. We assess water use in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of products. 


Our green product design expertise and online tools help reduce water use across product life cycles. We can also measure and implement efficiencies across entire organisations and their associated supply chains.


Services include:

  • Water auditing and modelling
  • Water footprinting and measurement techniques
  • Water loss analysis, simulation management and tools
  • Infrastructure management
  • Water data management, digital transformation, IOT
  • Water meter sizing, selection and specification
  • Economic analysis of water usage
  • Demand management
  • System integration – data migration from legacy systems
  • Building information modelling, visualisation and virtual reality


Smarter Water Networks

Our teams offer a holistic approach to water efficiency – from strategic business advisory and asset investment planning to innovative and practical digital solutions. The application of Internet of Things (IoT) concepts/platforms to water metering and infrastructure management can revolutionise the water sector at all levels. As with all disruptive technologies, the approach to implementation is to manage the inherent risk in new initiatives, whilst exploiting the opportunity to benefit from innovation.


At WSP, we examine complex problems from different angles to help bring your data together in unconventional and smarter ways. By digitally connecting your physical assets, we offer expert insights into maximising asset value. With a keen understanding of our markets, we can help navigate the explosive growth of online monitoring systems and available data. We offer a range of data analytics and visualisation tools to assist in understanding macro issues.