The WSP Pond Drop Test is the only test available that is accepted by all Regional Council’s in NZ

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Pond Drop Test

The Pond Drop Test is an easy, effective way to monitor effluent pond level change.


A Pond Drop test will identify whether there is excessive leakage in your pond. 

  • Our test can show whether your pond meets your Council’s requirements

  • Tests can be carried out on all types of ponds, including concrete, clay or plastic lined

  • Tests take 2-3 days with minimal disruption to farming activities

  • The analysis will calculate the leakage rate per day

  • Our results are presented in an easy to understand report letter

  •  If you pond requires repair, our experts can advise on cost-effective solutions.



  • You make contact with our WSP Pond Drop Test project manager who will arrange the paperwork
  • We have a pre-test off-site discussion with you about your pond
  • Our technician comes to site, installs our equipment, and monitoring commences
  • Equipment removed from site after 2-3 days
  • Data is downloaded, analysed and prepared into a report
  • Reports are independently reviewed by a chartered professional engineer
  • Our report is emailed to you.  


Leaking effluent ponds are not an unusual concern for farmers and landowners to have, made tougher by the difficultly in accurately determining the rate of any leakage. Leaking ponds can pollute groundwater and affect the water quality of downstream waterways. Today, Regional Councils are cracking down on those who own or manage effluent ponds where compliance can’t be demonstrated. Increasingly, court orders and large fines are being issued to companies and individuals who do not comply with increasingly stricter rules.

The WSP Pond Drop Test is the only test available that is accepted by all Regional Council’s in NZ. Using our expert engineers and with significant R&D investment, WSP have developed this highly accurate specialist equipment in-house. 

Having this test undertaken on your farm will be of value to you both environmentally and economically. It will provide clear answers to the questions: 

  • What rate is my pond leaking at? and,
  • Do I need to upgrade it or other parts of my effluent system?

For peace of mind, our test can confirm that your pond does not have excessive seepage. However, if repairs or improvements are required, our rural professionals can discuss with you options that will benefit your farm assets, your land and the environment.     






How can we help? 

 Seeking assistance with the maintenance of your on-farm operations?  Our experts have a range of expertise in the development and project management of rural projects, particularly for on-farm infrastructure. Our service offerings include: 

  • Effluent pond design
  • Dams and on-farm water storage
  • Irrigation design
  • Farm infrastructure
  • Land and nutrient management
  • Land-use feasibility studies
  • Resource consents and permits
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