As airport owners and operators worldwide face capacity constraints, financial challenges and aging aviation infrastructure, they need innovative solutions.

Airports must also meet changing standards for service levels, passenger preferences, technology, safety and sustainability. 

Drawing on the latest technologies and innovations, WSP offers support to our clients ranging from strategic consulting, private financing initiatives, alternative energy solutions and planning/environmental services to design; and from construction-phase services to operations and maintenance. In fact, we provide the program and construction management skills to oversee entire projects or capital programs.

WSP views program management as a partnership with owners that fosters effective, cost-efficient and innovative project delivery. Acting as an extension of staff, the program manager protects the client’s interests in all areas of project implementation, from planning and design, through to procurement and construction and into operation and maintenance.

WSP provides comprehensive program management services for capital development programs at Washington National and International Airports.

Partnership Leading to a Successful Delivery

Aviation agencies have been utilizing program management to accelerate statewide, multi-year, multi-project capital programs.  WSP’s successful program management efforts have resulted in:

  1. Consensus-building and formalized third-party partnering among stakeholders
  2. Rapid expansion of capacity without expansion in staff
  3. Expertise and approaches that may not otherwise be obtainable
  4. Accelerated resource planning and management for project implementation
  5. Best practices and technology transfer from other programs
  6. Activity-based accounting, cost and schedule control, and budget management
  7. Assistance in contract negotiation resulting in significant savings

In addition to program management for airside and landside aviation facilities, we are also experienced in providing the full range of services for the facilities and systems upon which airports depend, such as central utility plants and parking garages, in-line explosive detection systems, passenger security screening checkpoints, as well as highway and transit systems to and within airports.

Long Lasting Solutions

In these challenging times, WSP continues to work with its airport/aviation clients to bring new ideas and solutions, and to provide quality professional services that are efficient and cost-effective.

Our airport clients today face challenges resulting from industry and technology changes, shifting market realities and evolving passenger expectations. Whatever the challenge, WSP’s aviation team will find a lasting solution. WSP’s program management expertise includes a full range of services, including:


  • Project/Construction management
  • Constructability reviews
  • Construction contract packaging
  • Quality assurance/Quality control
  • Safety
  • Change order management
  • Closeout
  • Agency/Stakeholder coordination

Project Controls

  • Cost control
  • Procurement
  • Document control
  • Schedule adherence
  • Contract administration
  • Risk management
  • Reporting
  • Subcontractor coordination

Maintenance and Operations

  • Commissioning
  • Staff training
  • Operations plan
  • Start-up
  • Testing
  • Manuals
  • Transition plan
  • Modelling/Visualization

Project Support

  • Planning
  • Design and engineering
  • Financial analysis
  • Grants/Loans/Funding
  • Technology transfer
  • Environmental analysis
  • Sustainabilit