Rotunda PKO Bank Polski Revitalisation in Warsaw

We are partnering the investor and architect in building services design, BREEAM and LEED certification and sustainability consultancy.


Rotunda PKO Bank Polski is one of the most recognizable symbols of Warsaw and over 50 years it has become a favourite meeting spot in the city centre. The ambition of investor, PKO BP, is to preserve its legacy, while providing sustainable public space and modern building to the city inhabitants.

After selection of the architects Gowin&Siuta, during an international contest "Changing the Face Rotunda Warsaw 2013", we started collaboration on mechanical systems’ design. Then, our sustainability team has been selected to lead BREEAM and LEED certifications. As part of the processes, public surveys with city inhabitants, urbanists and PKO BP clients were conducted. Our team provided additional sustainability studies, including building modelling.

The new design assumes preservation of the building’s size and form, as well as restoration of its original character – lightness, translucency, availability and transparency. The new Rotunda PKO Bank Polski will comprise, apart from banking space, also public areas, such as gallery or café.

The construction of the new Rotunda PKO Bank Polski building started in 2017.


Rotunda visualisation, Warsaw

3D energy model of Rotunda PKO Bank Polski

Rotunda visualisation, Warsaw

Visualisation of Rotunda PKO Bank Polski (image thanks to the courtesy of Gowin&Siuta)