Amazon Warehouses

We have conducted environmental due diligences before and after construction for two locations of the company's new warehouses in Poland.


WSP environmental team has been involved in the pre- and post-construction geo-environmental intrusive assessment (Phase II) of two sites close to Wroclaw, where Amazon located their new warehouses in Poland. The company opened two logistic centers in 2014. They comprise of warehouse with ancillary infrastructure (parking, internal roads etc.) and cover total area of approx. 250 000 m² each.


250 000 m²      each 250 000 m²      each

Project phases

Before construction our assessment involved drilling of boreholes at various locations of the site, from which we have collected soil samples. The groundwater samples were collected from temporary monitoring wells. Geological and environmental observations were recorded by our experienced consultants. Post-construction assessment included the drilling of ten boreholes positioned across the site to assess target known areas of potential contamination after construction works. We have collected soil samples and scheduled them for chemical analysis. They were analysed for metals, total petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile chlorinated organic compounds. Both investigations were followed by preparation of comprehensive reports, presenting findings and recommendations.