Brampton Downtown Development Corporation Study

Providing the BDDC with high-level strategic actions to advance the economic viability of Downtown Brampton


  • Brampton, Ontario, Canada


  • Brampton Downtown Development Corporation

Project Status

  • Completed in 2012

Planning for Brampton’s Revitalization

The Brampton Downtown Development Corporation (BDDC) engaged WSP to prepare the Brampton Downtown Development Study (BDDS) in August 2012. The BDDC is a public-private partnership between the Brampton Downtown Business Community and the City of Brampton in Ontario, Canada that is mandated to attract business and investment in residential, commercial, and institutional development to Downtown Brampton. The objectives of the BDDS were to:

  • Understand how major investments in Downtown Brampton will impact future development demand and market conditions
  • Establish realistic goals and expectations for residential and commercial development and growth
  • Identify opportunities and constraints to development, and consider potential strategies for capitalizing on opportunities and overcoming constraints, including an analysis of specific sites of interest
  • Identify and understand demographic and market trends, and the current planning context for Downtown Brampton

The study focused on the Downtown Core Study Area but also looked at potential strategic development properties within the City’s larger “Secondary Plan 7, Downtown Brampton Secondary Plan” boundary. This broader area allowed for analysis to identify trends or properties that were likely having a significant impact on development within the study area itself.

Fostering Economic Development

Our recommendations focused on providing the BDDC with high-level strategic actions to advance the economic viability of Downtown Brampton including:

  • Land parcels with potential for redevelopment for reconstruction were identified and analyzed according to a rigorous methodology
  • A catchment and travel pattern review was conducted by applying analysis of employment and business data
  • Potential financial development incentives were reviewed and recommended
  • Real estate Pro-formas were developed for areas identified as having significant strategic redevelopment value

Our team delivered a high-profile presentation of key findings at the BDDC annual general meeting, attended by the Mayor of Brampton, business and community stakeholders, and the media.