Na Powiślu Apartments and Powiśle Park

WSP provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for both residential and office developments.


  • Warsaw, Poland


  • Powiśle Park

Project Status

  • Opened in 2014


  • PASCAL 2015 for best engineering design

The project

Complex of high standard apartment buildings, located in the Warsaw city centre. NA POWIŚLU comprises of five 6-storey buildings with 139 apartments of the area between 40 and 139 m². The apartments are equipped with individually controlled air conditioning system and heating, cooling and power are based on gas trigeneration, used for the first time in Poland on such scale in a housing project. The Office Building features modern A class office and conference space and sustainable solutions. The trigeneration system is located in the basement of the office facility.

Apartments area
between 40     and 139 m² between 40     and 139 m²
139 139
Gas engine capacity
40 litres 40 litres
Gas engine power
approx. 2,800 horsepower approx. 2,800 horsepower

Our solutions

The main elements of the power scheme are automatic control system, which regulates the buildings and gas trigeneration installation, which is a source of heating and cooling power, used for air conditioning system. Gas engine capacity is 40 litres, and its power around 2,800 horsepower. The engine transmits torque on the generator, which creates electric power. Moreover, there are ventilation and air conditioning solutions, which use high-performance heat recovery. This allows for substantial operational savings in ventilation and air conditioning system.   Another significant element of the trigeneration system is the standby diesel generator, which is used in the event of power loss or other failure. In such case, it ensures power supply especially for the server room, which is located in the office building. Then, the BMS system allows to regulate air parameters in all spaces. It is also possible to implement additional programs, which can be used on the weekends, bank holidays etc. This directly influences operational savings.

Award-winning project 

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system design has been awarded PASCAL 2015 for best engineering design.

Na Powiślu apartments, Warsaw