The aviation industry is a highly competitive market with evolving regulations and ever-changing demands.

Due to the industry’s evolution in the past decade, more airports are now managed as commercial entities competing for a bigger piece of the market. While this has long been true for large connecting hubs, demand is more dependent on airport strategy than the size of the metropolitan area it serves.

The growth and viability of an airport rely on a best practice plan that proves resilient to disruption and adaptable to change, while maintaining an attractive cost for users.

Worldwide Expertise to Help you Plan

With more than 75 years of experience, WSP is an ideal partner to help airports efficiently plan how to replace aging infrastructure and how to best respond to industry change while enhancing competitiveness.

Airport staff is busier than ever, and often a master plan is one of several ongoing efforts to require their attention. Our teams adapt to your needs, reducing master plan related workload, while preserving client control. We will work with you early in the process to establish optimal communication protocols and together we will determine review requirements, involvement in technical development, and the amount of administrative support we should provide.

Emphasis on Responsiveness 

We assign a dedicated team to each client, which means senior staff members familiar with the ongoing efforts are always available. Beyond our own staff, we team with sub-consultants that have a strong record of proven performance with their clients.

Long-term planning must provide a full range of options to prepare an airport for new direction or new developments in the aviation industry. Most importantly, planning recommendations must be realistic, implementable, and affordable. To that end, WSP gets involved early in the implementation of projects and calls upon engineers, environmental and financial planners, cost estimators, and other niche experts as needed.


Aviation Planning

Meeting resilience, security and maintenance requirements while providing a best-in-class passenger experience at Heathrow.

Quality Performance

Quality is one of our enduring priorities. The international experience of our staff and a strict internal peer review practice assure quality results. Our expertise includes:

  • Airport master planning/strategic planning
  • Airport system planning
  • Airport layout plans
  • Land use planning, aeronautical zoning and airspace analysis
  • Terminal and facility planning
  • Heliport planning
  • Airfield capacity studies
  • Airfield site selection studies
  • Business planning/financial and operational feasibility studies
  • Economic impact assessments and cost-benefit analysis
  • Operations planning
  • Apron optimization and gating analysis
  • Intermodal and multimodal facilities
  • Environmental planning, noise and air quality studies
  • Air traffic control tower siting

We can help plan your future projects efficiently, while minimizing disruption. We tailor our work to meet your needs, the industry’s requirement, and the specific challenges of the existing infrastructure.