The future of property and infrastructure is being driven by the optimization of policy initiatives. This is happening across all areas of strategic planning, project development, finance, design and delivery, operations, and maintenance. Cutting-edge research and innovation is critical to creating effective policy.

WSP provides thought leadership, policy guidance, analysis, applied research, and innovation capabilities to public and private sector clients looking to advance the development, delivery, and performance of property and infrastructure. Clients partner with the firm’s wealth of subject matter expertise, policy management consultants, and technology deployment specialists to:

  • Create new market/sector knowledge and innovation
  • Anticipate and adapt to change and risk
  • Package and deploy knowledge and technology-based solutions
  • Develop policy and implementation frameworks that advance practice and process

By providing these services, we are able to equip our clients with the tools they need to preserve and modernize facilities, transportation systems, and other infrastructure assets that support the communities where we live and work.

Our teams are dedicated to ongoing thought leadership, research, and innovation, and they frequently perform expert peer reviews, as well as develop regulatory policy, and best practices. Given the size and global reach of our science and technology experts, our teams are better placed to start projects immediately and support them throughout their life span, working seamlessly in new environments and cultures.

Alternative and Accelerated Delivery Strategies

With growing constraints on funding, it is becoming increasingly challenging to deliver infrastructure improvements. WSP policy professionals draw on applied and best practice research from experience working on major infrastructure projects around the world to assist project sponsors in exploring accelerated project delivery strategies to reduce project time and therefore cost. 

We provide unparalleled expertise in the latest strategies to optimize environmental review and planning application processes to help accelerate project delivery. Our environmental and planning policy experts develop guidance, policies, regulations, and legislation, and conduct research at the international level, to document and share the latest trends and best practices with practitioners around the country.

Digital Project Delivery

Building Information Modelling (BIM), Civil Integrated Management (CIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) are tools we use to deliver projects more efficiently. WSP is a leader in supporting agencies to baseline their practices, set goals, prioritize investments, and implement policies and standards for Digital Project Delivery (including the use and application of technologies such as Lidar and other 3D, 4D, and 5D modelling tools). 

Using database driven solutions for projects enables data to be collected, shared, reviewed, and accessed from multiple locations via multiple tools. The results are financial, design, construction, and maintenance benefits that allow the project to reduce costs and shorten their timelines.

Freight and Logistics

WSP freight and logistics services enable public agencies to build economic value by making their supply chain network performance more productive for the communities they serve. We engage with infrastructure owners, operators, and stakeholders to facilitate a common understanding of the requirements of supply chain users. We show them how to employ policy changes, management initiatives, operating improvements, infrastructure investment, and economic development strategies to improve the supply chain systems from end to end. Our professionals have hands-on, multimodal experience in freight and supply chain planning, development, and operations from the global to the metropolitan level.

Resiliency Planning and Sustainability

Extreme weather events and natural disasters, as well as long-term climate trends, have exposed vulnerabilities and have shown that communities need to consider the impacts of these events more seriously and proactively. Developing multi-perspective resiliency strategies provides the opportunity to build a stronger, more economically viable community.

WSP’s international practice in sustainability and resiliency planning is linked at all stages of project development. We incorporate uncertainty and risk directly into planning and engineering processes. We couple infrastructure system resiliency planning expertise with a deep understanding of the policies, standards, and operations of infrastructure owners and operators. We also offer a host of Sustainability Advisory services that include climate change mitigation and adaptation, planning and programming, and more.

Structure and Drivers of Economic Growth

Regional and urban areas are growing – as is their importance as centers of economic development. Faster technological development, cheaper transport, and efficient information technology are helping to drive this growth. Our experts work with clients to formulate effective, appropriate, and applied strategies to meet current and future growth, economic development, and sustainability challenges.