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Why social context is key to bringing nature into the built environment

With a better understanding of social context, different types of green space could be incorporated into cities. 


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Finding the balance: biodiversity net gain and infrastructure

We can find a balance between biodiversity net gain and the need for infrastructure development. 


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Why nature matters

WSP Ecology experts reflect on the wide-ranging, often overlooked, benefits that nature brings to cities. 



Can We Turn Electricity Substations Into Nature-Positive Assets?

Three international teams present innovative solutions for providing biodiversity benefits within the operational areas of electricity substations

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Biodiversity Net Gain for Green Infrastructure Delivery

The Forder Valley Link Road project in Plymouth, UK, demonstrates delivery of offsite Biodiversity Net Gain as part of the city’s wider green infrastructure strategy. 

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Podcast: Boosting London’s Biodiversity

WSP UK’s Ecology team and Transport for London discuss our work to increase biodiversity and natural capital in the world’s first national park city. 

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Taking Action to Protect Nature

We need nature-based solutions to rewild habitats, cut carbon emissions and build resilience.

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Greening Cities: What's the Point?

From flood mitigation to mental health: the scientific case summarized

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Biodiversity Net Gain

A new role for infrastructure and development in improving Britain’s wildlife.

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Rebuilding nature’s networks with the railway

The rail sector has a unique opportunity to enhance natural capital beyond biodiversity net gain.

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Herbal Remedy: Making Space For Nature In Cities

Can we afford to make space for nature in crowded cities? Can we afford not to? 



Helping the UN guide ecosystem restoration into mainstream

WSP USA is a key participant in the United Nations’ Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, a major global initiative to bring awareness to the fight against climate change.

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Nature as the Path to Prosperity

A report on the economics of biodiversity highlights the need to rethink how we define and measure value

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Why Climate Action isn't Always Good for Biodiversity

Our net-zero commitments should bring wider ecological benefits, but if we’re not careful they might exacerbate another global crisis.

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Trees and Pollution: A Complex Relationship

Trees can help mitigate air pollution in cities – but only if they are positioned and managed carefully.



Building Back Better for the Natural Environment

Overwhelming loss to our animals, plants and landscapes came as a result of Australia’s recent bushfires, accelerating the rate of our declining biodiversity toward what researchers are calling ‘biological annihilation’.

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Our Cities Through Green Tinted Glasses

Our cities are the newest ecosystem on our planet, with birds, butterflies and bees, wild flowers and spreading trees.

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Nature Positive?

Our research with independent thinktank Bright Blue looks to understand the UK public’s attitude toward the natural environment.