Advancing Energy Transition? Count Your Assets Too!

Understanding the underlying role of asset management when planning your energy transition


Source: The Institute of Asset Management

Caveat: There are many variations for the descriptions used for the stages of the life cycle. The naming and number of the stages, and the activities under each stage, can vary in different industry sectors. 

figure 2

REmap: The “REmap” case assumes the world takes the path of timely decarbonization as envisioned by Remap which includes a 27% reduction in the primary use of fossil fuels by 2030 and more than a 60% reduction by 2050 compared to 2015 level

When it comes to energy transition, we are seeing increasing awareness and support from regulators, financiers, board members and end users of energy. However, much of the conversation is centered around the technology and the “what”, I believe its time these conversations need to include an end-to-end view of the “how”, this is where an approach supported by good Asset Management practices will enable meaningful longer-term outcomes for everybody!
Nilmino Roberts Principal Consultant Asset Management