Better Air Quality – From Outdoors to Indoors

We are Aotearoa’s leading air quality consultancy, bringing wide-ranging expertise and experience in air quality management and assessment.

We routinely provide advice on air quality mitigation and management procedures that are environmentally sustainable and meet legislative requirements.

Our air quality team works with a range of industry clients, including in meat processing, fertiliser and cement manufacture, wood processing, composting, pulp and paper, dairy, rendering, hazardous waste management, printing, intensive farming, wastewater treatment and solid waste management. Our team also carries out urban air quality management work for many regional and district councils.

The success of air quality management projects boils down to the quality of the science, communications, and the independence and accuracy of technical information. We are committed to working with you on robust and rigorous solutions, adopting a scientific approach to your air quality issues. This is our point of difference.

Fergus Boughton
Principal Air Quality Consultant
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