The 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit revealed that over the past decade, AUD20 billion dollars’ worth of projects in Australia were delayed, cancelled or mothballed due to community opposition.

Together with the University of Technology Sydney, in 2019 we released a joint body of research titled Setting Up Projects for Success. Our research uncovered that if technology can be used more effectively, then we could help projects and their stakeholders build stronger relationships with community members ultimately supporting quicker delivery with less disruption..

WSP’s Online Community Portal combines planning studies, environmental approvals data, design specifications and general project information into one comprehensive, digital application. It brings your project’s story to life and orients information around what matters most to your community - the activities that are taking place in their backyard.

It offers a flexible, accessible and interactive platform that helps our clients provide certainty in an uncertain environment. Our clients can build trust and confidence with communities by providing clear, concise and transparent information about a project and the benefits it will create.


Embed a Community Centric Approach

WSP’s Online Community Portal offers an innovative way of engaging with communities to help Set Up Projects for Success.

An all-in-one solution, the Online Community Portal supports stakeholders through the lifecycle of a project with its many features able to showcase the true benefits of a project, share information in real-time and gather feedback 24 hours a day.

The Online Community Portal helps communities:

  • Better understand your project’s features and benefits by providing a rich digital experience.
  • Interact with key project information, in their own time, using a virtual consultation room that is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Understand project information specific to their interests, using a searchable address function and an interactive map that simplifies project information and presents it in an engaging format.
  • Connect and engage with the project team to provide project feedback via live chat and on-line feedback submissions or by booking a time for a consultation with the communications team.
  • Understand the detail that has been applied to the project approvals process by providing a dedicated space that explains the Impact Assessment and has it available for users to read in full.
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Virtual Consultation Room

The Virtual Consultation Room manages community information and feedback sessions via a 3D virtual space that incorporates interactive displays and online feedback mechanisms. It offers our clients the opportunity to host stakeholder engagement events online and provide a secondary touch point to complement traditional face to face events.

In a post-COVID world, our Virtual Consultation Room can also act as the primary touch point by enabling contactless engagement. This feature can help manage social distancing requirements and improve outreach with remote and vulnerable groups including those with disabilities and those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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Interactive Maps

The Interactive Mapping feature communicates complex technical information in a highly visual and interactive format. This enables messages to be simplified and provides direct links to the relevant technical information, such as specific chapters of the Impact Assessment most relevant to you.

Another valuable attribute is that community members can use the advanced search functionality to provide a clearer understanding of the project’s implications on their specific points of interest – be that their home, school, day-care facility or commute to work.

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Additional Features and Benefits



  • Host online community surveys and questionnaires.
  • Gain specific and targeted feedback to help inform the engagement strategy.
  • Incorporate language translation technology to increase cultural versatility.
  • Broaden audience capture to ensure the community can interact with your project.
  • Provide direct links to technical information including Impact Assessments, Approval Summaries and other technical specifications.
  • Demystify the approval process and simplify information by allowing the community to easily navigate to the specific sections of the document they are most interested in.
  • Increase transparency to remove the concern that negative impacts are being ‘buried’ in a large, hard to navigate, document.
  • Incorporate site analytics to provide key insights and real-time feedback.
  • Analyse site behaviour to drive more informed community engagement strategies.
  • Fully customisable interface.
  • Easily adaptable to reflect the vision of the project.
  • Video and image galleries, FAQs and social media interactivity.
  • Drive traffic to social media content and to increase community engagement.
  • Refocus attention on the projects outcomes and benefits using videos, mock-ups, flythrough and images.


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Regional Executive, Asset Information & Systems
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