Freight Rail

Freight rail is critical for the safe, cost-effective and reliable movement of goods over long distances. Investment in dedicated freight rail infrastructure continues to increase as its ability to drive the economy of regional locations in Australia is realised.

As business and agriculture practices evolve, freight demand rises. Investment in freight rail routes and infrastructure throughout regional Australia supports the efficient movement of goods from port to end destination, simultaneously contributing to economic growth in regional townships and centres.Compared to other freight modes, rail is an attractive option for government, businesses and communities alike due to its ongoing environmental, safety and sustainability benefits.


WSP provides planning, design and construction management services for the lifecycle of freight rail projects, including rail lines and intermodals.


For the last decade we have been involved in various aspects of Inland Rail – from providing a feasibility study of route options, to being the technical advisors for development of five of the nine project packages through to preliminary assessment.


Today we are delivering the first two critical projects to start construction – Parkes to Narromine and Narrabri to North Star, along with a feasibility study for Illabo to Stockinbingal.  The project creates a dedicated 1700 km freight rail line which connects Melbourne to Brisbane through NSW.