Lighting provides an understanding of form, space and material. It also enhances the human experiencing, bringing our senses and emotions to life. By integrating lighting with architecture, we can provide visual comfort to end-users while creating spaces that are both inspiring and responsive. 



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Innovation and Collaboration

WSP collaborates with the entire design team and brings an innovative approach to every architectural lighting design project; blending a deep understanding of the complex issues involved and close attention to detail. We work with natural and artificial light, covering all stages a project’s life cycle – from consultancy and feasibility studies to design, commissioning and inspection. 

We use specialist applications to model and simulate our lighting designs and ensure that the desired outcome is achieved, whether for aesthetic effect, for safety and security, or to meet the specific function of the space or building.


Green Lighting Design

We always seek to minimise energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our natural lighting design includes the design and placement of windows as well as daylight calculations for energy classification systems such as BREEAM, LEED and Green Star.


Focusing on the Human Factor

Working for a range of clients, including local authorities, developers, construction companies and architects, we tailor our solutions to their needs, combining functionality, aesthetics and technological expertise with financial and environmental considerations. 

Most importantly, we focus on the human factor. Whether we are designing lighting for a factory, a museum, a workstation, a city street or a residential development, we deliver attractive lighting solutions adapted to the needs of the end-user.