Maintenance and stabling facilities are crucial to ensuring optimalfunctionality and lifespan for rail rollingstock and transit assets.

The lifespan and reliability ofrail assets  depends on how well they are maintained. Planning operations and maintenance for these assets can support and improve the productivity of bus and rail networks as well as maximise the effectiveness of new systems.


WSP designs modern and efficient facilities to support and enable operations and logistics activities  for clients to achieve efficient useof their rail and transit assets. With our approach, we have provided:

  • A technical review of compliance standards for maintenance facilities on the Craigieburn Stabling and Maintenance Facility in Victoria
  • A design for the first preventative semi-automated railway workshop in the world in Western Australia
  • Project management services, technical advice and risk management to enable delivery of the Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre in Queensland
  • A business case report for the development of Blackwater Train Support Facility in Queensland.