From Kalasatama to Pasila - sustainable cross-link in Helsinki

The Kalasatama-to-Pasila project’s hallmark is excellence in community planning. Our experts are involved in designing the tramline extending from Nihti through Kalasatama Centre to Pasila, as well as numerous streets and green areas associated with the project. 

Scheduled start of operations:
2024 2024
Length of tramline:
4.5 km 4.5 km
Now that the main lines have been mapped out and we are moving into the implementation phase, the key task is to plan arrangements during work hours. Late last year, a detour was opened up on Hermanni's coastal road, with traffic being diverted entirely to Kyläsaarenkatu. Thanks to this bypass, a large uniform area has been freed up for site use, significantly reducing the construction turnaround time.
Jussi Borgenström Project Manager, Traffic Planning