We have engineered the connection between old and new at one of Australia’s tallest residential towers.


  • Melbourne, Australia

Project Value

  • AU $350 million

Project Status

  • Construction phase


Swanston Central, Melbourne 


Swanston Central is a defining project for the city of Melbourne. In an outstanding location on the old Carlton United Brewery site on the north end of Melbourne's CBD, the new building will be 72 levels housing 1,039 residential apartments. Swanston Central has a distinctive L shape and a unique multi-coloured façade, designed to complement the existing heritage buildings that surround the new addition.


Efficient Design Solution

WSP is providing ongoing civil and structural engineering services for the project.


The building’s predominant tall and slender L shape design presents engineering challenges due to complex torsional (twisting) acceleration at the top of the building under wind loading. We carefully studied the issues associated with acceleration at the top of the building and created an efficient design solution for the building in combination with the use of a liquid tuned mass damper. The result of this process was that additional tuned mass damping was not required.


During construction, it is also imperative the existing bluestone heritage façade surrounding two sides of the project site remain unharmed.


Key Achievements

Collaborating with the project team, Heritage Victoria and the adjacent building owners we met the challenges associated with shared boundaries and the retention of the existing heritage building. Our design solutions for the acceleration at the top of the building increased the net saleable area. This project is due to be completed in 2019.