Crown Entertainment Complex

We have played an integral role in the creation and expansion of Australasia’s largest casino.


  • Melbourne, Australia


  • Crown Melbourne Ltd

Project Status

  • Ongoing


  • NH Architecture, HBO+EMTB

The Crown Entertainment Complex is the largest single building in Australia. It includes the largest casino in Australasia, in addition to high-end retail, cafes, restaurants, accommodation, cinemas, lives shows and music venues, all under one huge roof.


Partnering for Long-Term Success

 We have been working with Crown in Australia for nearly 19 years and have delivered on 450 projects since our first involvement in the design and development of the complex in 1993. The complex opened its doors to the public in 1997.


These include the Crown Casino itself, where the key challenge was to create a “World’s Best” facility over a 5½ hectare site with an extensive range of building types, uses and flexibility of purpose, ahead of knowing what the final space, occupancy and associated technical details would be.


Linked to the Entertainment complex via an air bridge is the Crown Promenade Hotel and Conference Centre. This luxury hotel required the highest standards of engineering services to ensure the quality of accommodation established by Crown in the main Crown Complex and Crown Towers Hotel.


Multidisciplinary Services 

Over the length of our engagement, we delivered a range of services including building design services, fire engineering, lighting design, vertical transportation, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing.


We were responsible for the upgrade of the central chiller plant, one of the largest chiller plants to be installed in a commercial building in the Southern Hemisphere. This has not only ensured the future growth of the casino, but has also increased the energy efficiency of the existing plant and significantly improved occupant comfort within the building.


The most recent major project is the Crown West End Redevelopment project to expand the gaming, dining and entertainment facilities on level 1 of the western end of the Melbourne complex and the wholesale upgrade to the services to the ground floor main gaming area. These constitute one of the largest single projects to be undertaken by Crown Melbourne Ltd since the Entertainment Complex opened.


Key Achievements

The Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex is one of the central features of Melbourne’s Southbank precinct.