Light Rail

As developed cities look for more flexible solutions to meet transport demand, light rail is experiencing a resurgence. Accessible, convenient and sustainable, light rail provides excellent intermodal connectivity and is a powerful catalyst for economic growth.

Creating the Communities of Tomorrow

More and more, light rail is defining the look and feel of many urban communities. Together with our clients, WSP develops light rail projects as an integral part of creating the communities of tomorrow. Our goal is to make the urban environment more attractive and responsive to both residents and businesses. 

Leveraging our rail engineers, planners, architects, and stakeholder managers, we plan and design well-integrated light rail solutions that address the needs of commuters, incorporate sustainability, promote economic development, and add value to the communities in which they operate.


End-to-End Project Delivery

Our expertise extends to every aspect of a light rail project’s life cycle – from strategic planning to the detailed deployment of the latest technologies, and long term asset management. 
WSP specialists implement the latest methodologies used around the world to develop and deliver innovative technical solutions.


Strategic Masterplanning

  • Land use and transport planning
  • Demand analysis
  • Travel forecasts
  • Multimodal studies


Feasibility Studies and Business Case Assessment

  • Corridor studies
  • Multicriteria analysis
  • Economic assessments
  • Network traffic modelling
  • Environmental and planning assessment/approvals


Concept and Reference Design

  • Option assessment
  • Development of concepts
  • Confirmation of scope
  • Preliminary design