Networks and Pipelines

Our sustainable solutions for water networks, associated pipelines and pump stations are focused on extending the lifetime of the assets while minimising environmental impacts and reducing operating costs.

We provide comprehensive planning and detailed design services related to water networks and pipelines, including:

  • Detailed engineering design development
  • Surveys
  • Geotechnics
  • Condition assessment
  • Environmental management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Facilitation and development of ‘Safety in Design’ documentation 
  • Risk and opportunity assessment
  • Value engineering and management
  • Provision of detailed design documentation
  • Stakeholder and community engagement


 Safety in Design, Constructability, Operation and Maintenance

Through our relationships with clients, contractors and subcontractors, we promote ownership of the design development by key stakeholders throughout all phases of a project – from planning to design, construction, operation and asset management. 


Safety in design means the integration of control measures early in the process to ensure that the asset is developed without risks throughout its life. We work closely with our clients to undertake rigorous safety in design, constructability reviews and holistic risk-based workshops, to:


  • Achieve a safe, constructible and operable solution
  • Realise project consensus 
  • Ensure the right balance of risk and consequence
  • Test solutions


Smarter Water Networks

We help bring your data together in new ways by connecting your physical assets and enabling insights to optimise the operation of your assets. To assist you in understanding your assets better, we offer a broad range of data analytics and visualisation capabilities.

Transient (Surge) Modelling

WSP has experience in both small and large scale transient (water hammer/surge) modelling, with the most complex recent assessments including the Victorian Desalination Project and North South Interconnection System Project.


Pumping Stations

The focus for pumping stations differs depending on the fluid pumped. Our technical expertise encompasses both water and sewage. Our design process focuses on hydraulics, overall system efficiency and comparing all options on a whole-of-life basis to achieve cost-effective outcomes.


Stakeholder and Community Engagement

An early and integrated approach to stakeholder and community engagement builds relationships, ensures networks and pipelines address the needs of those involved and facilitates acceptance of proposed approach and resulting benefits.


WSP’s stakeholder and engagement team works closely with clients to inform and engage all parties involved, and respond to the environmental, economic and social context of infrastructure.