Urban Regeneration

Our population is growing. Our cities are evolving and our communities are more densely built than before. The places in which we work, live and play are merging into one. WSP is at the forefront of placemaking, helping to make urban regeneration a success. 



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WSP delivers innovative and sustainable solutions to help regenerate cities and living environments in ANZ. 


We provide public and private clients with engineering, urban planning and sustainability services to support the development of placemaking. We help make places more liveable to transform the future of cities. We create solutions to improve societal, economic and sustainable outcomes by improving cities/precincts, designing and financing infrastructure, and developing effective transport systems.


Our experienced analysts, consultants and researchers deliver unique value to our clients through their deep insight into community challenges, thanks to their professional knowledge, collective experience and personal commitment. Together with the wide range of specialist skills and knowledge available across WSP’s network, this makes us a natural partner in all matters relating to urban regeneration.