Mt Messenger Bypass

The Mt Messenger section of the state highway network is strategically important to the Taranaki region and provides access to northern markets and export outlets, tourism linkages and access to health, cultural and other services.


  • Waka Kotahi NZ

Project Value

  • $200 million

Project Partners

  • The Mt Messenger Alliance brings together Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Downer, HEB Construction, Tonkin & Taylor, WSP, Holmes Consulting and Isthmus.
Of all the large infrastructure projects I’ve been fortunate enough to work on, the outstanding attention to environmental and cultural outcomes has been a career highlight. This is credit to the shared vision of the Alliance team and all the people that made this happen
Tony Coulman Project Director
Percent of vehicles using the corridor are heavy vehicles
20 20
Vehicles per day on the existing corridor
2,300 2,300
The year originally built
1896 1896

Key Project People

Doug Bridge - WSP Ecologist

 Doug has the WSP team of ecologist working alongside a wider Alliance team to carry out intensive investigatory work on the Mt Messenger project.

While some of the work has been hard Doug says the team was keen to go the extra mile for the project and they’ve all felt immense satisfaction.

“Pest management is a major component of the Mt Messenger project and it’s vital for the ongoing survival and reproduction of the forest itself and the organisms that live in it.”

Glenn Coppard - Design Manager

Glenn has over 20 years of professional experience with extensive skills in civil engineering design, drafting and documentation. He’s been involved in the Mt. Messenger Bypass for the last two years working alongside planning and construction teams to develop a range of options for the Multi Criteria Analysis, and the preferred route for consenting of the proposed scheme.

His commitment to consistently designing innovative engineering solutions tailored to the site has been of huge value on the project.

“Using technology is one of the most powerful tools we have and it has been really valuable on Mt Messenger. We’ve been able to use it for public engagement to create a digital representation of what it will look like. For stakeholders to be able to see what the project will look like and what effect it will have, that’s really powerful.”

Glenn carried out detailed development of the projects temporary works and construction sequencing, which has been key to understanding the effects of the project, not only on the environment, but the cost and programme implications. 

Tony Coulman - Project Manager

Tony’s extensive experience in leading consenting and design teams on major highway and infrastructure projects has been invaluable in his role as Project Director on the Mount Messenger Project.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project which has offered up challenges and opportunities. Stand outs for me include the incredible focus on environmental outcomes and the innovative use of digital tools within an alliance to ensure we are delivering to a shared vision.”