Design Services

With a clear focus on customer satisfaction, WSP offers design solutions that are cost-efficient and innovative while minimizing environmental and ecological impact. Thanks to our holistic approach to whole lifecycle design, our experts take into consideration asset life from the earliest stages of design through construction, maintenance to demolition.


How Can Design Shape Communities?

Design has been an integral part of WSP’s history. Looking through your window, everything you see and can’t see can be designed by our experts from the bottom and up. Understanding the unique challenges presented by each project, we work closely with clients to bring their vision to life, within the given constraints.

Our trademark is to design infrastructure and buildings, ensuring that results are always in line. Our experienced professionals assess and understand your priorities, while appraising the technical, environmental, and commercial issues surrounding each project. We leverage this extensive experience to design projects efficiently, with a focus on cost, schedule, quality, and safety. We are here to help guide you on your journey, from initial conceptual development through to final project delivery.

Locally Dedicated with International Scale

Actively involved in the cities and countries we are based in, our teams leverage lessons learned and best practices from one another to offer the best solution.

Future-focused and Driven by Sustainability

When approaching a project, we prioritize the most sustainable and resilient solutions, while minimizing costs and maximizing resources.

World-class Design Services

With an impressive track record spanning over 100 years, WSP caters to all markets and brings together our most seasoned experts to every project.