Breaking New Ground With an All-Electric Hospital

Building on its clinical expertise and in keeping with its unique academic medical organization, UCI Health envisioned a state-of-the-art hospital to consolidate its medical campus in Orange County, California.


Credit: CO Architects and Design Builder, Hensel Phelps

We’ve incorporated a lot of metering into the design so we have the opportunity to gather critical data about how this hospital operates. It’s going to be wonderful that this project has the potential to be a case study tool providing valuable insights of how an all-electrical hospital actually operates from a demand standpoint.
Ray Swartz Senior Principal, Electrical Engineer of Record

Credit: CO Architects and Design Builder, Hensel Phelps

What was really fulfilling on this project was being able to introduce the stretch goal of providing all-electric steam systems as well as the all-electric heating systems to UCI Health. We enabled our client to do something they had wanted to do but didn’t think was possible.
Roger Carter Senior Principal, Mechanical Engineer of Record