Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program

We are playing a key role in shaping plans for urban renewal in inner-city Sydney.



  • Sydney, Australia


  • UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation and TfNSW

Project Status

  • Completed 2016

With Sydney’s projected growth expected to reach eight million by 2056, the Greater Sydney Commission leads and guides metropolitan planning to make Greater Sydney a more productive, liveable and sustainable city. The Commission works with partner organisations including UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation.


A Metropolis of Three Cities is the Greater Sydney Regional Plan. It aligns land use, transport and infrastructure to reshape Greater Sydney as three unique but connected cities – the Western Parkland City, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City. A Metropolis of Three Cities underpins five District Plans.


Before the Greater Sydney Commission released the Greater Sydney Regional Plan and District Plans, the Commission led a robust community engagement program giving Sydneysiders the opportunity to get involved in the planning process.


Community Involvement in Planning

The Eastern City District is the central and major component of the Eastern Harbour City. It comprises natural attractions and iconic built places including Sydney Harbour, the east coast beaches, parks and rivers. Its cosmopolitan and vibrant urban communities range from the highest density suburbs in Australia to some quintessential historic neighbourhoods, including the Central to Eveleigh area.


During community engagement discussions in the Central to Eveleigh area, several key issues were identified including:

  • Housing affordability
  • Poor access to public open space
  • The need for more fit-for-purpose social housing
  • The rail corridor acting as a barrier for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Transport challenges resulting from competing demands of pedestrians, vehicles and freight.


Urban Transformation

WSP supported the UrbanGrowth NSW and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to create an ambitious urban transformation strategy for the Central to Eveleigh area. Our focus was on providing the community with better connections to home, work, transport, open space and local services.


Redfern Station

TfNSW engaged our team to test the ideas within the concept designs for the possible renewal of Redfern Station. The concept was to enable an active hub of innovative businesses, shops and community services with new public places to support a thriving Redfern.


We supported UrbanGrowth NSW with initial concept plans for the new station precinct. The new precinct will improve walking and cycling connections between Redfern and Wilson Streets and provide opportunities for well-designed housing and new, attractive spaces next to a major transport interchange.


Central to Eveleigh Servicing Strategy

Our team supported TfNSW to create this strategy, helping to assess the supporting infrastructure, checking capacities and planning future servicing that caters for increased land use.


North Eveleigh West

We assisted UrbanGrowth NSW with consultant management services in the delivery of concept plans for the renewal of North Eveleigh. The redevelopment aimed to create a residential area with greater housing availability by providing new homes with taller buildings adjacent to the railway corridor. The new housing will sit alongside new parks, a community cultural centre in the old historic clothing store building, a childcare centre and local shops. The aim is to create a neighbourhood with a distinctive character that builds on the area’s strong arts, culture and history.


South Eveleigh

WSP supported Urban Growth NSW with consultant management and the facilitation of the initial concept plans for South Eveleigh before the redevelopment was assigned to the Department of Family and Community Services.