Logan Water and Infrastructure Alliance

The alliance looks after one of the largest water infrastructure programs in Australia and delivers new and improved water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure.


  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Project Value

  • $180m

In Logan, one of Queensland’s fastest growing areas, the Logan Water and Infrastructure Alliance delivers new and improved water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure that benefits the regional economy, environment and community. The alliance is a public and private sector enterprise involving Logan City Council, WSP, Tenix, and Cardno.


In the current phase, we will deliver AU$180m of water and wastewater infrastructure services from July 2015 for at least three years. This includes extending a high standard of water services to communities that have not previously had access to them.


Multidisciplinary Services

The team can deliver up to AU$50 million of capital works each year. Our main activities include:

  • Program management: Overall management of the program and its key personnel, and provision of program-wide services such as community engagement.
  • Planning and project development: Investigation, planning, project prioritisation and feasibility studies, to help Logan City Council decide on how to proceed with particular infrastructure.
  • Project delivery: Developing project budgets and the design, construction and commissioning of approved infrastructure.


Valuable Outcomes

As part of the alliance, our services include network planning, engineering design, environment approvals and program management. We are also installing sustainable infrastructure wherever possible to minimise lifecycle costs, greenhouse gas emissions, overflows, odours, and other environmental impacts. Alongside the social, environmental and economic benefits, this project has won numerous industry awards for its innovation.