Solar Flair Alliance

WSP developed and engineered a 150 MW parabolic-trough solar thermal power generation plant.


  • Queensland, Australia

Project Status

  • Proposal 2011

The Queensland Government's Office of Clean Energy sought to undertake a solar precinct selection study across seven preferred regions. We completed a study that considered two solar thermal and one photovoltaic plant, and addressed solar power plant costs, infrastructure and transmission costs, water supply, and environmental and planning issues.


Solar Precinct Selection Study

Following our study, we proposed a conventional 150 MW parabolic-trough solar thermal power generation plant. We developed and engineered the plant on behalf of the Solar Flair Alliance.


In our role as project manager, we undertook:

  • Site evaluation and selection
  • Specification
  • Engineering
  • Environmental and planning studies
  • Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Commercial evaluation
  • Development of operation and maintenance costs
  • Development of the project implementation plan, which included project scheduling and contract strategy implementation


The study was undertaken as a precursor to the Federal Government's Australian Solar Flagships program, which committed funding for the construction and demonstration of up to four large-scale solar power stations in Australia. As funding did not eventuate, the Alliance was unable to proceed with the proposed project.