Indigenous Specialist Services

Incorporating Indigenous knowledge and culture in the design of infrastructure and built environment projects helps create strong and culturally-respectful relationships with Indigenous communities. This in turn generates meaningful opportunities for Indigenous people, businesses and communities across project lifecycles.

Indigenous Design and Knowledge

We generate design concepts that illustrate projects’ Indigenous engagement and incorporates their culture and knowledge in designs. Community-approved design contributions can include infrastructure, digital visualisations, project office and sites, materials and the like. Our people and clients can use our guidance documents to initiate the Indigenous engagement process.


Research and Cultural Protocols

We offer project-specific documents outlining community and country-specific research on local peoples, culture, heritage, patterns and symbols, and contemporary knowledge. These can be used to develop project-specific cultural protocols documents and material for cultural awareness presentations.


Legal and Moral Guidelines

We offer ethical guidance and approval processes for using Indigenous intellectual and cultural property on projects.


Our clients and subcontractors including architects use our guidelines to help inform application of design principles and seek appropriate approvals for using work that incorporates Indigenous knowledge.


Indigenous Representation and Involvement

We apply Indigenous self-determination principles on major projects to establish accountability and strong governance across project lifecycles. We can help you design and establish partnership models such as Advisory Councils and/or Reference Groups, including relevant contractual documentation and Terms of Reference.




Culturally-Specific Protocols and Project Engagement

We design culturally appropriate Indigenous stakeholder engagement processes that are led by Indigenous professionals. We develop cultural protocols documents for projects and teams.


Reconciliation Action Plans

We develop project-specific plans that incorporate Indigenous participation in the project’s whole lifecycle: plan, design, construct, operate. We offer you our support to implement these locally.


Project Design for Positive Social Impacts

We design frameworks that promote project-specific socioeconomic outcomes throughout the project lifecycle, and incorporate participation plans to achieve social outcomes. We can help you establish feedback loops, and monitor and evaluate projects for continuous improvement.


Collaboration and Co-Creation of Opportunities

We identify project-specific opportunities to collaborate with local Indigenous community members in project planning, design, construction, and operation across the project lifecyle. We can help you, for example, work with Elders to re-interpret a culturally significant site into a virtual experience; work with community artists to apply designs to urban landscapes; work with small business to build capacity to deliver; and work with networks to source Indigenous workers and build industry skills.


Procurement of Goods and Services

We develop project-specific Indigenous supply chains that can participate across the project lifecycle – plan, design, construct, operate. We can help you design co-investment options for SME start-up and growth.


Employment and Training Opportunities

We consider project-specific workforce planning (employment) – across the project life cycle – plan, design, construct, operate.


Legacy Opportunities for the Community

We identify project specific legacies that can be built into the social impact framework or participation plans, including skills development and capacity-building.


Highest and Best Use Assessments

We perform studies into communities asset use (land/ property) to maximise assets’ physical, legal, and financial potential, are culturally appropriate and confirm the highest value of the property being established.


For more information:

Major Projects


Julia Carpenter

Director Indigenous Specialist Services

0458 127 035



Michael Hromek (Yuin)

Technical Executive, Indigenous (Architecture)

0404 106 623


Sandra Palmer

Design & Publishing Manager, Transport

03 9861 1178


Partnerships and Participation

Allan Murray (Yorta Yorta-Dhudhuhroa)

Senior Manager Indigenous Participation & Outcomes (Vic & SA)

0421 941 386


Nathan Martin (Yuin)

Manager Indigenous Participation & Outcomes (NSW)

0435 070 353


Russell Reid (Gamillaraay)

Senior Manager Indigenous Participation & Outcomes (NSW & QLD)

0432 023 527


Barbara Bynder (Whadjuk, Ballardong, Yued–Noongar; Badimia–Yamitji)

Senior Indigenous Stakeholder Engagement Consultant (WA)

0400 230 539