Developing sustainable solutions for the entire water cycle for urban and rural environments

With more than 200 water consultants – engineers, scientists, planners and landscape architects, the WSP Aotearoa water team provides world class integrated services across the entire water cycle creating what matters for future generations.

Our legacy is built from working with municipalities, utilities, and industrial clients through the delivery of a wide range of water-related advisory services; from strategic analysis and project scoping through to design and implementation.

What we do

We bring our local knowledge and experience blended with our global insights to provide a wide range of services throughout the whole water cycle across four key service categories:

Water & Wastewater Networks
Water & Wastewater Treatment
Water Resources & Flood Risk Management
Rural Water Services

With our world-class Asset Management approach applied across our portfolio of projects, alongside market-leading climate adaptation and sustainability applications, we assist Aotearoa and our global business to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Te Wai Māori focus and specialists are also leading the delivery of nationally significant research and innovation as well as bringing new digital solutions to successfully support your aspirations and community needs.

Our Environmental Training Centre (ETC) can support you in achieving your regulatory commitments. We pride ourselves on designing and delivering training to meet the need of adult learners and their employers. Visit the ETC website to find out more.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Community water schemes
  • Asset Management
  • On-farm water storage and irrigation
  • Land and nutrient management
  • Farm and dairy effluent
  • Pond Drop Test
  • Infrastructure

Meet our Technical Directors

David Gardiner
Technical Director Water
New Zealand
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thn-101-Wetlands-03In their primary state, wetlands create a safe habitat and food source for several native plants, animals and birds. Including endangered species like the mudfish - including the Canterbury kowaro.

Wetlands also play an equally significant role in helping to delay and reduce the impacts that prolonged dry periods can have on our natural water systems. Liam Foster, WSP Water Sector Leader, believes that it’s time the narrative met the marvels of New Zealand’s wetland areas, by introducing discussions between communities and public sectors.