Asset Management and Network Performance

With ageing roads and highways, cities are pressed to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions to their infrastructure challenges. Financial realities have shifted the focus from hefty investments to value-for-money projects aimed at optimising existing assets and networks.

WSP provides high level strategic advisory services to help clients manage, maintain and operate transport networks. 


Our experienced teams collect, interpret, and assess data to develop long-term maintenance programs for transportation assets, applying state-of- the-art technology and innovative analysis to optimise whole-of-life operations.


Comprehensive Services to Optimise Assets

With experience in the maintenance, management and operation of roads and highways, WSP delivers sustainable business case improvements and design solutions to improve the performance of existing transport assets and extend their life.


Our expertise in the design, maintenance, strategic planning, asset engineering and data and systems analysis helps our clients to maximise the value of their asset portfolios. 


Services include:

  • Preparation of asset management plans
  • Option appraisal
  • Whole-of-life and lifecycle assessments and adaptation advice
  • Investment planning
  • Planning and implementation of repairs to road networks


WSP has developed an industry-leading Asset Management Capability Assessment Model (am2c) that draws upon over 20 years of experience in managing critical infrastructure. Our model is mapped to global standards, industry best practices and national industry legislative requirements.

The model is used to assess an organization’s asset management maturity—which measures the degree of formality and optimization of processes and practices from ad hoc, to formally defined steps, to managed results, to active optimization. The output is used to evaluate and benchmark an organization, and support the development of an asset management improvement program. The structure and approach ensure consistent and repeatable assessment and provide access to a significant global benchmark pool.

Delivering savings with asset management technology applications

— Ensure systems are procured to meet business requirements
— Develop organization-wide technology strategies
— Provide guidance on implementation and support information frameworks

Training staff to build success from within, based on our successful Principles in Asset Management Training Program

— Strategic, tactical and operational asset management subjects
— Aligned to industry best practices
— Designed to deliver change in an organization’s performance

Supporting capital investment, maintenance and resource planning

— Define the necessary asset strategies to manage risks
— Deliver the required performance efficiently
— Work closely with key stakeholders to ensure strategies consider the current challenges with operations, management and delivery of the assets

Promoting the asset management discipline

— WSP is a patron of the Institute of Asset Management in the US

In addition, our experts include authors of and key contributors to international guidelines and best practice development, including:
— International Standard for Asset Management Systems ISO 55001:2014
— Federal Transit Administration’s Transit Asset Management Guide
— Federal Highways Administration’s Asset Management Guide
— National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s guidance on ancillary assets
— Airport Cooperative Research Program’s guide to airport asset management
— International Infrastructure Management Manual