Specialist Lighting Design

Well-designed lighting can enhance all aspects of the human experience. Not only does it provide an understanding of form, space and material but it also affects our senses, our emotions, our health and well-being.

WSP provides creative and inspiring architectural lighting design. Experience spanning over 20 years, WSP deliver tailored, cost effective lighting solutions of design excellence. Our diversity in experience, and the impressive results we consistently deliver, have earned us the reputation as one of Australia’s premier architectural lighting design firms. We have completed thousands of successful lighting projects across varied industry sectors, and have awarded our specialist designs numerous accolades. Collaboration is central to our approach. Working together with the building designers and owners provides for a fully integrated lighting design solution. This approach creates spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, inspiring and responsive.


 Recent Projects


Innovation and Collaboration

WSP collaborates with the entire design team and brings an innovative approach to every architectural lighting design project; blending a deep understanding of the complex issues involved and close attention to detail. We work with natural and artificial light, covering all stages a project’s life cycle – from consultancy and feasibility studies to design, commissioning and inspection.


We use specialist applications to model and simulate our lighting designs and ensure that the desired outcome is achieved, whether for aesthetic effect, for safety and security, or to meet the specific function of the space or building.



National Archives - Canberra, ACT


Innovative and Creative Design

Architectural lighting requires a thoughtful and considered response to create visually stimulating environments that enhance the character of the architectural, interior and landscape elements. Tis requires imagination and creativit, as well as a practical and grounded approach to ensure a project is successfully delivered within time and on budget. WSP embraces innovation and new technologies, which are constantly reviewed from a critical and pragmatic perspective. Our focus is always on the needs of the client, providing a functional solution for the end-user, considering energy efficiency, capital and operational costs, as well as quality, maintenance and compatibility. Experience and expertise allows us to optimise the use of light to achieve the desired effect, often resulting in designs which are succinct and ultimately resulting in cost savings to the project. An in-depth knowledge of the lighting market allows us to research the most appropriate luminaires to reduce capital outlay without compromising on performance. By embracing this approach, our clients have come to realise the added value of WSP.


Our design impact on the environment is highly important to us and we are strong advocates for providing solutions that are environmentally sensitive. WSP was behind both Sydney and Melbourne’s frst 6 Star Green Star buildings, and we continue to be at the forefront of sustainable design.


Focusing on the Human Factor

Working for a range of clients, including local authorities, developers, construction companies and architects, we tailor our solutions to their needs, combining functionality, aesthetics and technological expertise with financial and environmental considerations.


Most importantly, we focus on the human factor. Whether we are designing lighting for a factory, a museum, a workstation, a city street or a residential development, we deliver attractive lighting solutions adapted to the needs of the end-user.



Nobu - Southbank, VIC