Bridges and Structures

Bridges and structures support the economic prosperity of our communities by connecting people with employment and social opportunities and transporting vital goods.

Historically, bridges have served as vital transportation routes connecting communities across our world. Today’s bridges are becoming both icons and lifelines for major cities, and transportation agencies face challenges to optimize the flow of goods and people while also meeting aesthetic requirements.


WSP designs enduring bridge and structural solutions to address these challenges. We provide services across the entire asset life cycle including maintenance for the operability of aging structures, to planning, financing, and constructing modern replacements that improve accessibility.


Our expertise extends to all types of bridges, from viaducts and interchanges, to railway, cycle and pedestrian bridges, and even wildlife crossings. We strive to set benchmarks in the design of transport structures by engaging collaboratively with our clients and communities and adapting our solutions to the varying complexities of each project.