Population growth, climate change, industrial development and ageing water assets have put pressure on conventional water and wastewater technologies and infrastructure. We help our clients find the right solutions to their challenges through innovative planning and design, deep knowledge of national and local regulatory environments, and a unique understanding of the alternative delivery mechanisms available in today’s tough economic climate.

Complete Services Across the Water Cycle

 WSP takes a holistic and sustainable approach to managing the use of water resources. We support governments, investors, developers, manufacturers, utilities, and corporations in ANZ by mitigating risks, meeting regulatory requirements, reducing the cost of water use and disposal, as well as creating strategies for a sustainable future.


Our experts consider water implications across the entire development cycle, providing a complete perspective to enable efficient and effective designs. We identify issues in the early stages – to optimise usage, spatial and master planning, to maximise land value, minimise project costs – and deliver long-term solutions to sustain communities.



Water policy and planning

  • Water resource management
  • Water policy advice
  • Water trading and accounting advice
  • Integrated catchment management
  • Floodplain management


Technical assessments

  • Hydrologic assessment
  • Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Water balance assessment
  • Source yield assessment
  • Surface-groundwater interaction assessment
  • Water quality assessment and modelling
  • Climate studies and climate change impact assessment


Infrastructure planning and design

  • Floodplain risk assessment and management
  • Stormwater master planning, design and management
  • Water sensitive urban design and integrated water cycle management
  • Sedimentation and erosion control
  • Creek realignment and rehabilitation
  • Water reuse, including stormwater harvesting and sewer mining
  • Assessment and design of hydraulic structures
  • Hydropower feasibility assessment and design
  • Dam safety assessment