Active transportation

In today’s society, active transportation has become an important part of urban planning, helping to create places that are safe, comfortable and convenient for people to travel on foot or by bicycle. 

Active transportation planning and design can reduce demand for road infrastructure, improve multimodal network performance, enhance safety and minimise construction and maintenance costs of traditional vehicle-oriented roads, and support the development of vibrant cities.


From conceptual network planning to detailed facility design and implementation, WSP’s multidisciplinary approach helps in creating healthy and sustainable communities through innovative and effective transportation solutions, as well as providing complete street planning and design. 



  • Minimise capital expenditures for roads and parking
  • Improve travel efficiency
  • Reduce climate change related emissions
  • Support the use of public transit
  • Increase the overall sense of community
  • Improve general health and promoting an active lifestyle


Through the collaboration of our transportation planning, land use planning and urban design teams, we deliver complex projects, such as mobility hub designs, that improve access to transit, create vibrant centres, promote active travel and road safety, and generate economic activity. Our specialists in travel demand management also work with local communities to develop behaviour change strategies to realise the full potential for transit, cycling, pedestrian and high occupancy vehicle travel. 



As a global leader in the design and implementation of cycling networks, pedestrian and trail facilities, WSP’s active transportation teams provide expertise in:

  • Pedestrian and bicycle facility planning and design
  • Complete street planning and design
  • Neighborhood design solutions
  • Speed mitigation and traffic management solutions
  • Multimodal transportation planning
  • Route signing and pavement marking
  • Community, subdivision and site plan design
  • Land use planning
  • Environmental management
  • Landscape design
  • Risk management assessment
  • Infrastructure management strategies and tools
  • Road safety 
  • Travel demand management strategies


WSP’s integrated, multidisciplinary capabilities enable us to successfully guide active projects from concept and planning, through to detailed design and implementation.