Rail Design

Design is critical to the success of rail infrastructure. Leveraging multidisciplinary skills, digital technology and environmental management, we design efficient, aesthetic and integrated rail solutions for metro, passenger, freight and heavy haul as well as light rail, intermodal and associated facilities including stations.

Connecting Communities

WSP has a reputation for multidisciplinary design services for transportation infrastructure including rail. We provide engineering and project design for all aspects of rail infrastructure, systems, and communications. Our input starts from conceptual design to detailed design and implementation through to construction and installation.

Specific services for all rail modes include:

  • Track design (alignment, layout, plain line and switch and crossing, gauge clearance)
  • Signal and train control design (scheme development, construction design)
  • Communication design system
  • Overhead catenary design
  • Third rail traction power design
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Station design
  • Civil and structural design


Benefiting Future Generations

We believe the next generation of station design will harness the power of digital technology and limit impact on the natural environment.
Our design approach includes feasibility and investigative studies, structural design, environmental impact assessment, detailed construction design and digital outputs. Leveraging Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and the latest visualisation solutions, we can increase creativity and sustainability in our designs while enhancing collaboration with our clients.

With a focus on designing efficient rail assets, we develop solutions that satisfy all end-user requirements, without compromising value, quality or sustainability.