Combining data across all disciplines, visualisation brings future projects to life by enhancing design clarity, improving decision making and aiding stakeholder engagement.

Design Visualisation

Design visualisation provides a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art communication tools and technologies to garner the support of decision-makers, stakeholders, and the public by accurately and realistically presenting key information – from conceptual planning and design through to project delivery phases. 

WSP can help communicate complex, technical, and/or difficult to describe projects to all stakeholders, enabling them to visualise project elements. 


Our experts use the latest technologies to:

  • Accelerate project planning, design, and delivery
  • Demonstrate project effectiveness and support project accountability
  • Clarify complex, controversial and/or difficult to describe projects
  • Build stakeholder consensus and facilitate informed decision-making and approvals
  • Support development and adoption of new technologies
  • Expedite project financing
  • Increase pre-sales and pre-lease contracts
  • Enhance marketing strategies


Services include:

  • 2.5D rendering
  • 3D modelling and rendering
  • 3D computer animation
  • Real-time 3D
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Conceptual illustration
  • Photo simulation
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Geodesign
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Surveying and mapping


CADD and Engineering Applications

WSP is committed to providing the most current and comprehensive software solutions in support of our CADD (Computer Assisted Design & Drafting) and engineering applications environment. We have enterprise level agreements with Autodesk®, Bentley, and other software providers to accelerate project delivery and improve asset performance on all projects.

We leverage this large software portfolio on a variety of different projects, incorporating 3D design and visualisation as standard practice in support of our BIM initiatives. Collaboration is achieved by using the most appropriate engineering document management and comprehensive project delivery system to securely share project data between team members in multiple offices, both regionally and internationally. 


Computer Analysis and Visualisation Environment (CAVE) 

WSP’s CAVE technology platform is a real-time multi-dimensional computing and presentation environment that combines hardware and software for breakthrough improvements in integrated project design, delivery, and information management. 

It unites planning, engineering, construction, and management best practices with improved tools and processes to integrate data from all sources, including 3D computer aided modelling, engineering, document management and production, GIS, visualisation, analytical simulation, project controls and overall data management. Having a single version of the truth minimises cost and risk, while maximising overall efficiency, information sustainability, and project profitability. 

In short, CAVE provides an environment where collaborative project planning and more intimate and immersive methods for visual presentations can be explored, including team collaboration, presentation space, and research and development.