Future Ready

We know that our future world will be very different from today’s in many ways. Future Ready is our program to see the future more clearly, and to work with clients to design for this future as well as for today’s needs.


The Future Ready Podcast: People & Place

On the People and Place Podcast we talk to WSP experts, clients and leading industry figures to dive into the topics surrounding people and place. What does place and placemaking mean? What are some of the challenges and opportunities we face in creating places for people to live, work, learn, play and thrive in?

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The Future Ready Commuter Car Park

How do we repurpose and future-proof parking structures as fewer commuters drive to our cities, and how do we prepare new developments to accommodate a conversion in the years to come?

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Future Ready Webinars

Explore 6 project case studies from ANZ with our experts. Hear how future trends are being incorporated in the planning and design of current infrastructure projects to better serve communities into the future.

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Can We Build Back Better?

Amid the heartbreaking headlines around the world, Australia is under pressure to take new action.
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Building Back Better for the Natural Environment

Australia’s recent bushfires accelerated the rate of our declining biodiversity.

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Global innovation program

Through Future Ready, WSP brings clarity and vision to complex challenges. We see the future more clearly through key trends in climate change, society, technology and resources, and challenge staff to work with our clients to advise on solutions that are both ready for today and for this future. Future Ready delivers peace of mind, lower lifecycle costs and resilience.

The future is now

We know from our research across the world that current design codes don’t necessarily account for the future we’re anticipating. With the Future Ready program, our experts are able to help our clients prepare for future realities of self-driving cars, ubiquitous renewables, ultra-flexible places, more severe weather events and increasing loneliness, amongst many factors.

Integrating future trends

We know there’s a huge job ahead of us to make existing infrastructure ready for the future. Including future trends in our advice to clients helps them plan for the long-term and makes good business sense. There are many ways we can make Future Ready projects at no additional cost; in fact the whole idea is that it leads to lower overall costs because our thinking and designs have a future bias.


Sharing our insights

By designing for the long – as well as the short term – and by sharing our approach and insights, we progressively help cities, communities and clients get ready for the future. Ready for rapidly densifying cities, ready for drier conditions and hotter temperatures, and ready for a more connected world. We are thrilled to share our insight and knowledge. Please contact our experts.

Can we plan infrastructure to cope with climate changes?

More extreme weather events, drier conditions, hotter temperatures and rising sea levels will increase the risks to our built and natural environments.

Can we enable people to harness societal shifts?

The rise of the individual, an increasing Indigenous influence and densifying urban areas are significant shifts impacting our places, cities and regions.

Can we plan for electric, self-driving cars to improve our places and people's lives?

Parking typically uses 15-30% of an urban area. New mobility offers the possibility to revitalise streets and to plan now for how electric cars of the future will be charged.

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Future Ready Leaders

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Future Ready Lead
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Future Ready Insights

At the heart of Future Ready is research and bold thinking. Our experts from across the world deep dive into complex issues in search of innovative solutions. Each year, WSP produces a great number of articles, white papers,  and other Insights on what the future brings.

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